Erik Drost, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Celebrate Tonight’s Harvest Moon

9/9/2022 - By Brian Lada, Accuweather Meterorologist and Staff Writer. TONIGHT: Harvest Moon to rise between Jupiter, Saturn One of the most popular full moons of the entire year will kick off the second to last weekend of astronomical summer and will be the centerpiece of a must-see celestial alignment. Summer's final… SEE MORE
Boat in Lighting Strike - USCG Boating Safety Magazine

Safety 101: Getting Caught in a Lightening Storm

7/11/2022 - By BoatUS Powerful, dangerous, highly unpredictable — all are common descriptions of lightning storms. A direct strike that results only in ringing ears and a few roasted electronics would be considered lucky. Unlucky would be through-hulls blown out, a sunk boat or worse — possibly serious injury or death. Many… SEE MORE