Working Ships from Maine to New Bedford and New York

Midcoast Maine is (or was) home to all three yards responsible for the vessels in this collection of historic images, all part of the Penobscot Marine Museum‘s collections.

ACT I was built at Harvey F. Gamage in South Bristol; that yard closed in 1981. Washburn & Doughty moved its operation to the same facility in 1984.

BRENDA LOUISE came out of Washburn & Doughty Associates in East Boothbay (still operating). Washburn and Doughty built three ferries for the state of Maine in 1993 (CAPT. HENRY LEE, CAPT. CHARLES PHILBROOK, CAPT. NEAL BURGESS).

GEN. GEORGE S. PATTON originally left the ways at Goudy & Stevens, also in East Boothbay. They were established in 1920. From the 1940s through the 1950s, Goudy & Stevens partnered with Hodgdon Brothers on some U.S. Navy contracts.