New Maine Seafood Guide Debuts

I am delighted to announce the launch of the new Maine Seafood Guide, which provides information on Maine seafood species, a guide to fishing methods and gear, and more.

This is the only Maine-specific reference for Maine seafood. I identified the need for such a resource while working on an article for Maine Policy Review’s special issue on food last spring. People wanting information on aspects of Maine seafood — nutrition, fishery status, recreational fishing, where to buy seafood, etc. — had to go to numerous different websites. The new Maine Seafood Guide pulls it all together in one place. Unlike other seafood “guides,” this one doesn’t rank or rate or recommend species; it just provides the information you need to know your food and make your own decisions about what seafood makes sense for you and your family.

For each species, the guide provides answers to the following questions:
-When is it in season?
-How and where is it fished?
-Can I catch it myself?
-What are the health benefits and risks?
-What do I look for when choosing, buying, and preparing?

I hope you find this new guide interesting and helpful. We are still uploading content and tweaking the site, so feel free to send questions and suggestions to [email protected].