Finding Springtime and Serenity on Swans Island

Simply put, Swans Island is one of the most beautiful pieces of earth that you will ever step foot on. Rolling hills lead to large and well-protected Burnt Coat Harbor. The sturdy lighthouse at Hockamock Head stands tall above the rocky shores below. Fields of green grass seem to extend forever into the tree lined landscape.

And the beaches. Oh the beaches on Swans are something special! Carrying Place Cove and Fine Sand Beach are two beauties, each filled with yards of smooth sand and clear blue water.

Surrounding all of this glorious scenery are the pine trees. These are the kind of balsam firs that one envisions when they picture the wild coast of Maine. These tall trees bend and sway ever so gently in the late spring breeze and give off a heavenly scent that mixes with the saltwater, making my heart soar and my senses awaken.

Simply put, I always love my visits to Swans, for it is a photographer’s dream!