Watching the Weather Break from Atop the Camden Hills

To watch a week-long, rain-soaked, and downright dreary weather pattern break is one thing. To watch it break from the top of Mount Battie in Camden, with the vast and island-studded expanse of Penobscot Bay below you, is quite another.

Giant and puffy clouds, white as the driven snow, race across the bay, twisting and turning in the late afternoon breeze. The air is sweet, as it should be in the early days of June, when everything is in bloom and the coast of Maine has come alive with the sight of blowing sails on schooners and the sounds of rumbling outboard motors and dockside chatter.

Penobscot Bay is beautiful to cruise on, but every once in a while, its true glory is seen from above, where its true scope and grandeur is on display for all to see. What a sight for sore eyes!