For Sailors, Penobscot Bay is a Feast

Whether spending time in pristine coves or visiting historic, bustling, picturesque harbors, it’s hard to find a bad view from your cockpit or onshore anywhere on the coast of Maine.

Then there’s our weather! Even before the last century, an exodus made the trek by sea or land from sweltering points to the south to luxuriate in our warm seaside days and cool nights. This season’s high heat up and down the coast these days only make our coastal weather that much more precious.

But there’s yet another important ingredient in this feast, the piece de resistance for connoisseur sailors, lucky enough to find themselves on Penobscot Bay.

Our wind.

Penobscot Bay was a wind-powered global success even a century and a half ago as sail power moved the world. That’s all changed today. But the wind is still here.

Destination Sailing — a term meaning precisely that — could be coined right here on Penobscot Bay. I can’t think of another area that is more conducive to sailing from one beautiful destination to the next, and the next, and then the next, than Penobscot Bay.

The intrinsic combination of our vast, raggedly arranged edge of land and sea, the ocean-like large bay chock-full of varied islands, and the unique wind pattern that literally defines our weather, make Penobscot Bay the world class sailing destination it surely is.

What are you waiting for?