Local Guide, Atlantic City: Navigating Absecon Inlet

New Jersey inlets can be dicey, especially when frothy waves roll in from the Atlantic, bird droppings cover buoys, and and the sand is constantly shifting. But it has been this way since the great explorers such as Cornelius Mey and Henry Hudson attempted to navigate the waters behind what are now known as barrier islands (and high-end real estate) hundreds of years ago.

Absecon Inlet (popularly known as the Atlantic City Inlet) is well maintained. For those who have docked at the Senator Frank S. Farley State Marina during its many phases of building, blight, and casino changes, it is now managed by the Golden Nugget. All the amenities are available, along with an outdoor pool and excellent Chart House Restaurant.

There is a red entrance buoy into the quiet Clam Creek/Gardiner’s Basin area just inside Absecon Inlet. Keep to port of this buoy; the historic Coast Guard Station is on your starboard side with Farley State Marina just past it. For contact, call on VHF Channel 65 or 609-441-8662.