Lemonade for Terns – A Child Helps Save Seabirds

We received this heartfelt letter and drawing in the mail today, along with a check:

“My name is Aubrey Elmore, and I am 6 years old. On July 19th, I read in the Bangor Daily News that all 1,400 terns nesting on Metinic abandoned the island. It made me feel sad because I like animals. Seagulls and storms forced the entire population out. I wanted to have a lemonade stand to raise money for the terns. My mother helped me write a business plan for my lemonade stand and we took the plan to the Town Office. I was on the local news, News Source 8-WAGM-because of my amazing idea to raise money for the terns. My little sister, Beatrice, and I had our lemonade stand on our front lawn during the Potato Blossom Festival Parade. I earned $97.03.

Sincerely Yours,
Aubrey Elmore