Autumn and I on Cape Rosier: A Match Made in Heaven

A dutiful and persistent traveler of the Maine coast, I am sometimes asked what is the most beautiful place I have seen on my travels. I often struggle, for their are far too many beautiful places to name just one.

There are exceptions, however, locations which stand above the rest. Cape Rosier in Brooksville is one of those exceptions. Nestled on the edge of eastern Penobscot Bay, this round peninsula sits west of Bucks Harbor and Eggemoggin Reach, south of Castine, and due east of Islesboro.

Long a favorite of mine to visit, Cape Rosier is filled with cozy inlets, welcoming coves, saltwater farms, hidden camps, and gentle hiking trails that lead to the water’s edge. The Holbrook Island Sanctuary, a quiet and graceful piece of land that was donated by a local resident, features a variety of walking trails, rocky beaches, and great swimming in the Bagaduce River. Smith Cove, Weir Cove, and Horsehoe Cove are all well-protected anchorages that allow boaters to soak in the watery solitude of downeast Maine.

Of course, all of this scenery is framed by the most elegant and tall balsam firs, which blanket the landscape and seem to envelop certain corners of the rocky shoreline. Simply put, this is a special place where land slopes so perfectly to meet the bright blue waters that surround it.

Cape Rosier and I are a match made in heaven.