Behind the Scenes: Assembly Line at Back Cove Yachts

What takes place on the assembly line at Back Cove Yachts? Here’s the scoop….

Over fifty boats get built at Back Cove Yachts, based in Rockland, on an annual basis. The shop floor has two assembly lines. The Back Cove 37 occupies Line One, and the Back Cove 30 and Back Cove 34 share Line Two.

After the hull and deck are built by the lamination department, they are brought over to the assembly line where there are four bays. The first bay is called Deck Assembly. At this point the hull is bare and the deck gets fitted with windows, hatches and more.

Next is the engine bay, where the engine and fuel tank get installed.

The third station is called the Hull Bay. This is where the electrical components are completed and the wood interior gets mounted to the hull.

The last bay is where the deck and hull get attached. The assembly line process, on average, takes fifty days. The finished product is a beautiful Back Cove 30 built from start to finish in Rockland by over 100 Back Cove Associates.