Winter: A Time for Doodling Fine Yachts

While we love the sun and sailing of the summer season, here in Maine there’s a lot of pressure to pack in as much as possible in a few short weeks. It’s in the off season that we get the chance to catch up with our friends and clients, and often to spend some in-depth time daydreaming about “the next boat”. Often these are just dreams, and the projects never see the shop floor.

I thought it’d be fun to share some of these concepts with you. Some are just doodles, some are fully designed and ready for construction. They’re all over the boards, from mega-sailboats to sturdy powerboats. If any of them catch your fancy, I hope the dream brightens a gray winter day. As always, we’re happy to talk about these boats or any other marine design project. And you can learn more at Enjoy!