Harbingers of Spring: The Foggy Days Of May

When the fog begins to roll in, you know summer can’t be too far away. As I drive home down Route 131 toward Tenants Harbor and Port Clyde, the sun begins to disappear, the temperature plummets, and the wispy strands of spring fog move through the pine trees and across the rolling fields of the St. George Peninsula.

Suddenly, seventy degrees at noon gives in to 50 degrees at dinner time. Amazing how the coast of Maine changes when it comes to weather! In Port Clyde, on any given afternoon in the warmer months, the fog will appear, the neighboring islands will no longer be in sight, and the familiar fog horn of Marshall Point lighthouse will echo in the distance.

Fog is a huge part of daily life on the coast of Maine. In the springtime, it serves as another reminder that summer is not far away!