My Wooden Boat of the Week: Quenet Yann’s SKROWL

Every wooden boat has a story. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to find a new boat, design, or project to share with you every Tuesday. This service is entirely subjective (its real name is “My Favorite Wooden Boat Of the Week”) and I welcome your comments about my selections. — Carl Cramer, Publisher, WoodenBoat

I saw the briefest of mentions of today’s design on the WoodenBoat Forum, and thought it merited more attention.

My knowledge of French is abysmal, but Chrome is my browser and translates for me.

Quenet Yann is the designer, developed in collaboration with Eric Marshall. As you can tell, SKROWL is 4.34 meters (14′3″) LOA. She is a combination scow and krill.

‘lest you think this is nothing but a concept craft, she is currently a’building. Click here to see the in-process photos.

I can’t really tell you much more about SKROWL, but I look forward to reading your comments about this design. She’s certainly imaginative!

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