High Pressure Happiness On the Maine Coast

When the weatherman proclaims that a high pressure system will take hold along the Maine coast, it means that sunshine will appear and the sweet breezes of summer will blow. This week temps are in the mid 70s during the days and the high 40s during the star-filled nights.

This past weekend I went over to North Haven, where i biked, ate too much food, and swam it all off in the pristine waters of Pulpit Harbor. When I returned home, the ocean off Tenants Harbor was still and the afternoon light had begun to give way to long shadows. Sleek sailboats sat at their moorings and white skiffs raced across the harbor to get dinner and supplies. The towering pines of the St. George Peninsula basked under the golden light. Stars begin to appear in the clear sky. A slight breeze swept across my front yard as blankets were taken out for the upcoming bedtime.

May all my days be spent under the seductive spell of a Maine summer!