Summer Parade of Big Fish Continues for RI Boat Anglers

It is amazing how many big fish have fallen to boaters this summer. If I had to guess, I would say there may have been over 100 stripers over 50 lbs. landed by boaters in the last month. Most of these big fish have been caught along the oceanfront and off Block Island. And, many have been caught in the middle of the daytime, which is very unusual.

On August 6, my brother Steve went out in his boat with his future son-in-law, Brian. They were fishing along the oceanfront with eels in late morning. Brian hooked and landed a big striper (close to 50 inches — see the photo). It’s just another example of how these big fish can be caught under a hot sun from a boat.

Meanwhile, I don’t know of one guy who has taken even a small keeper from the shore in the last week. The large fish are still in deep water offshore, and until the water cools and the bait moves in close, it will be slow going for the shore guys.