New Float System Provides Exceptional Strength

CUSTOM FLOAT SERVICES completed a new commercial
float system on the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts,
that featured an exceptionally strong engineered
wood product. This system was part of a project for Charlestown Maritime Center’s
property under the south end of the Tobin Bridge.
The development company had recently completed a
30,000-square-foot state-of-the-art production facility for
its tenant, Boston Boat Works, which builds MJM Yachts.
Custom Float Services was enlisted to design and build a
new Travelift service dock for a recently purchased 75-metric-
ton lift. CFS built six float sections that ranged from 34
to 40 feet in length, using full-length, pressure-treated Parallam
beams. Parallam is the brand name for an engineered
wood product that provides exceptional strength over long
spans. In this case, the material eliminated the need for
splicing pieces of lumber, which usually is required on more
traditional floats extending more than 24 feet.
These characteristics, combined with an expected lifespan
of 30-plus years, make engineered wood products a
great choice for float applications. Custom Float Services has been at the forefront of bringing
this material to the field. We’re delighted that MJM will be
able to tie up multiple yachts to a top-quality system
designed to absorb marine conditions year-round.

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South Portland, ME 04106
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Excerpted from Boats of the Year 2016. Click here to read more stories from the latest edition.