Oriental, NC: A Quiet Coastal Town

Oriental is a small town along the North Carolina coastline. With a population under 900 people it provides a very small town atmosphere where everyone knows everyone. This is great to bring friends and neighbors together.
The town was founded in the 1960’s and was built around fishing, farming, and harvesting trees. The town had a good advantage because the railroad had stopped in the town and they could bring in and ship out supplies using it.

The town still has a lot to do with the fishing industry. The fishermen will end up bringing in tons of shrimp and fish to be processed and sold. This helps support the town and give it a minor economy.
Even being such a small town there is still a lot to do in Oriental. The town revolves around its harbor and boats. There are currently around 2,700 boats in the town. This makes this one of the many small harbor towns along the east coast.
There is also a lot of art and galleries in oriental. There is an old theatre in town which holds plays put on by the Pamlico Music Society. It is also the main nesting ground of the Pelican Players. The “Old Theatre” is really the center for arts and culture for Oriental.

Several businesses in the town also offer bike rentals. Because of the sights and sounds of the ocean and the old town it can be very relaxing to take a peaceful ride around town and get some fresh air.
For the competitive person who wishes to move to Oriental you can get involved in the local sailing races. These races have been a part of the town for years and are more of a tradition than a sport.
Every guy enjoys fishing and that is a big thing in Oriental. Considering the town was built around fishing in its early days it should come as no surprise that people still enjoy it today. There are even guides who can be hired to show you the marshes around Oriental.

With everything said and done Oriental is a peaceful fishing village. It keeps a quiet lifestyle and would be great for anyone seeking for a place to live in and eventually retire to. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ocean view in Oriental North Carolina.

Submitted by: Gabriel Adams
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