Catting Around

Ever have the urge to run away for a few days? Well, a certain Sandpiper (Marshall Marine sailboat) from Barnegat Bay, NJ decided to do just that. She slipped off her mooring one night, taking off at the mercy of the wind and tide. The next day the anxious owner figured that this catboat had headed south in a nor’easter.

Help came in the form of friends with powerboats checking along the east side of the mainland from Toms River to Barnegat. The word was passed on social media, emails, and newspapers were prepared to put in a lost notice.

Like many small power boats, sailboats, kayaks, etc., there may or may not be numbers on the bow. Some boats have numbers from another location. With a lot of diligence and a little luck, this small sailboat was found washed up in the reeds in Barnegat; scratched, muddy, and (if she were human) ready to go home.

An idea comes out of all this: wouldn’t it be smart to have identification on your small boat taped or glued somewhere in the cabin or cockpit? Just write down your name, address, phone numbers, and email. Have this information laminated at Staples. Attach it to your small craft. Then someone will be able to track down your wayward boat immediately.