Grease Monkey Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes

Have you ever been out on the water when a quick engine repair or fishing equipment tweak leaves you with filthy hands and no immediate way of cleaning up? We recently had the chance to try some Grease Monkey Heavy Duty Wipes and loved the results. The individually packaged wipes have been extremely handy to have in the car and around the boat for those unexpected greasy jobs – we even had a chance to save the day when we provided some Grease Monkey wipes to a friend who had been working on a diesel engine right before lunchtime.

These wipes did an amazing job on hands, surfaces and even the last bit of grime on the outside of an old engine.


  • Fresh citrus smell
  • Instantly cuts through grease
  • Individual packaging is available for on-the-go needs


  • Wipes are on the small side so 2-3 were needed when cleaning hands