Huntington Harbormaster to Start New Mooring Permit Enforcement

Town of Huntington: The Huntington Harbormaster’s Office will start mooring permit enforcement on Friday, August 16; boaters are urged to submit a mooring permit application by August 15, as violations will be issued for unpermitted boats moored in Huntington waters starting August 16.

The Mooring Permit Application can be found on the Town website at:

Mooring Permit applications may be submitted, with the proper paperwork and payment by check (or by credit card in the office), in person or by mail, to: Huntington Board of Trustees, Harbormaster’s Office, 53 North New York Avenue, Halesite, NY 11743. Documents may also be faxed to (631) 351-3373 or emailed to [email protected].

The Harbormaster’s Office is open Monday-Friday 8:30 AM-4:30 PM. For application assistance, call (631) 351-3255 or email Trudy Shannon at [email protected].

Unpermitted boats will be issued a $250 violation starting August 16, 2019.

At its June 18 meeting, the Huntington Town Board approved a major boating safety and water quality protection measure to help prevent irresponsible boat ownership and irresponsible boating, placing liability for costs incurred by the Town in removing, storing and disposing unseaworthy/wrecked vessels on the owner or person responsible for the vessel; covering the costs of vessel wreck removal, pollution mitigation and remediation of other navigational safety hazards by establishing a nominal $40/season resident permit fee to be deposited into the Board of Trustees account; non-residents already paid $200/season for the same permit.