Ways to Help People in the Bahamas Effected by Hurricane Dorian

The effects of hurricane Dorian were particularly devastating in the Bahamas. The communities in the Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands, where the eye of the storm passed — and stayed for a protracted time, are only just beginning to be able to assess the impact of the category 5 hurricane. The Bahamas have been good to so many boaters seeking a refuge from northern winters and will need a lot of help to recover from this disaster. Here are some established organizations accepting relief aid (and volunteers!) that will directly go to helping this recovery:

Special Note on Monetary Donations: Please be aware that there are perennial scams around emergencies, so only donate money to organizations that are trustworthy. The Better Business Bureau has process to ‘accredit’ non-profits and provides a site where you can check to see if the organization you are giving to is valid.