News from Our Coasts (Week of 4/6/2020)

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: US Harbors is now posting a weekly news summary of announcements and stories received from our coastal community. This is the first of our weekly posts, and includes timely information on what people who boat and fish should/should not do during the COVID-19 outbreak as well as status and project updates from our coastal communities and businesses. The deadline for submission is Fridays, 9AM ET. Items received after that time will be put in the next week’s summary.

NEWS & UPDATES :: Week of April 6, 2020

Updates on Boating and Fishing During COVID-19

News & Events from Our Partners

MJM Yachts

The MJM 43z Yacht, Designed by Doug Zurn. Photo by Jim Raycroft
The MJM 43z Yacht, Designed by Doug Zurn. Photo by Jim Raycroft
Join MJM Yachts on Thursday April 16 at 2:00 for a webinar with naval architect Doug Zurn talking about performance yacht design. Doug will be discussing the design elements that discerning boaters will want to consider when looking at a performance yacht. Click Here To Register and receive a confirmation email with the log in details.


Lyman-Morse and its specialized business divisions are helping local healthcare workers on the front line against COVID-19 by building personal protective equipment (PPE). Lyman-Morse Technologies is building and donating Intubation Aerosol Boxes, which will protect nurses while intubating Covid-19 patients.

America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association

Americas Great Loop Cruisers Association Logo


With the cancellation of the Spring Rendezvous, we are bringing you some of our popular sessions via a webinar series every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7 p.m. Eastern time. Up next is our series on Marine Electronics.

Marine Electronics In-Depth Webinar Series
Marine Electronics Expert Ben Stein is your presenter for this comprehensive marine electronics 5-webinar series. Included in your registration fee ~ get a 15-minute private consultation with marine electronics expert, Ben Stein. Registrants also have access to Ben for additional consultations. Register Now

Schedule of Sessions:
Session 1 – April 14 – Introduction and Overview of the Course
Session 2 – April 21 – Outfitting your Looping boat with installed equipment
Session 3 – April 28 – Safety equipment for the Loop
Session 4 – May 5 – Mobile apps
Session 5 – May 12 – Internet Connectivity

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors

Our staff at the magazine has been working away on our most recent issue from our homes, and we sent the pages to the printer April 10. This issue has a freshwater focus. Stories include features on two traditional canoe builders, the passing on of a special paddle, lake creatures, a lake house with a definite boat flavor, and a modern take on Hemingway’s classic fishing boat. In the meantime, we are keeping readers in touch with happenings along the Maine coast through regular updates on our blog at Recent entries include ways that Maine’s marine professionals have stepped to help healthcare workers on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

Formula Boats

Formula Boats and Sea Tow Services International have announced a new partnership that provides boaters with extra Peace of Mind on the Water™. As part of Formula’s five-year manufacturer’s warranty, Sea Tow Gold Card membership now comes standard and provides all new Formula owners with access to the country’s leading fleet of on-water assistance vessels and captains. The membership includes 24/7 nationwide coverage with towing, fuel delivery, jump starts and more, providing the added protection that every boater deserves.

Formula Boats also released their latest video for the 330 CBR (Crossover Bowrider).

Manatee Max

It sure is quiet outside.  Our neighbors, The Chapman School of Seamanship, have temporarily suspended classes, so we don’t hear the pitter patter of professional mariners in training. But, since Manatee Max is a home based, family business, things here at the secret lair haven’t changed much. In fact, Max has used this time to secure associations with two more big suppliers, and Pearl has been working her fluke off getting the new product information uploaded to the website.  By the time summer gets here, should have almost 40,000 products to offer. Max has also partnered with  who will soon offer apparel emblazoned with Manatee Max’s cool logo. We’re going to keep the prices on the apparel low enough to where you can buy some Max clothes, and still afford that pair of Lewmar 49530055 for your spouse’s birthday.

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”  Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

Peace and prosperity, Manatee Max and Crew

Updates From Our Coastal Business Community

Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association is selling “One Fathom Away” t-shirts to support their work with Maine fishermen. Shirts are limited and will only be sold through Monday, April 13th.

Billy Black Photographer — While we are on lockdown we’ve compiled a drone highlight reel. Some of the photography and all the editing was done by our assistant Allison Barrett. There are a couple Where’s Waldo moments when you can see me flying the drone. Thanks to all our clients who give us the opportunity to have this much fun at work! – Online bidding for the next group of auctions begins on April 17, 2020. See the upcoming vessel lineup and learn more about them and the online auction approach at

Coastal Fishing — During these uncertain times, Coastal Fishing is trying to do our part by providing protective face and hand gear for our employees. We have adapted our shipping department to minimize the need for excessive handling of products. With that being said, Coastal Fishing is still shipping out Salt Boxes, rods, lures, reels, and other fishing gear. Please visit our site: or check us out on Instagram:

Chesapeake Light Craft, the boat kit experts, recently developed a stitch-and-glue rendition of a lightweight, classically-styled outboard runabout. The design has been in the development fast track for the last year, adding to the company’s extensive lineup of more than 100 build-your-own boat designs including kayaks, canoes, rowing and sailing craft, paddleboards, and more. The shapely prototype is in the shop now for paint, varnish, and outfitting. Look forward to on-water photos and reviews as soon as conditions allow. Until then, read more at

Charleston Harbor Marina & Resort — Our Fuel Dock is still open 24hrs a day and transients are still streaming through… headed in both directions! Yours on the water, Rand Pratt (Marina General Manager)

Great Island Boat Yard — Do you know about one of Maine’s best-kept secrets? Protected on three sides, Great Island Boat Yard is an ideal place to moor a boat. With the 2020 boating season just around the corner it’s time to book your slip or mooring! There’s no better place to “get-away” than Quahog Bay! Want to know more about availability at GIBY? Book Now or email our Marina Manager Kristin Peterson.

Great Island Boat Yard, ME
Great Island Boat Yard, ME

Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina – The core team at Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina is practicing their best Social Distancing behavior as they ready the property for the beginning of their TENTH Season for 2020! As Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina prepares to open for the season beginning May 1st, they will be scheduling launch slots on a first come, first served basis. As always, they are limited by tides and weather as well as social distancing limitations to keep the team safe.

West System — Six feet or six-hundred miles apart, we’re in this together. WEST SYSTEM is here to help you with your epoxy needs. Visit our website for more information.

The Staff at West System Working Remotely!
Our Staff at West System – all in this together!

Vinyl GraphicWorks – We all need this upcoming boating season now more than ever! That’s why we’re working hard as ever to get your boats ready to launch. We even have a special helper learning the family business when she’s not learning remotely!  Stay safe and healthy.

Sea-Legs — The virus has shut our doors because we can’t honor the  social distancing guidelines in our shop. I don’t know how things will look this summer, no one does, but it seems unlikely that we’ll be on the water. You can’t keep a crew 10 feet apart in a 30-foot boat!
I spend long days of isolation contemplating new initiatives aimed at repurposing our shop and our fleet in response to prevailing circumstances. What can become of this fleet of donated boats that we’ve accumulated?
  1. Offer them for sale “as is”. People may be looking for projects to weather the epidemic. Restoring an old sailboat could be satisfying.
  2. Convert them into planters? Playground equipment? (some are suitable) I hear there’s going to be a lot of new gardening this spring.
  3. Distribute them to families who may not be constrained by social distancing guidelines?
Along with the boats we have surplus sails and other gear–these things are costly to store. I welcome the thoughts and suggestions from other boaters and maritime folk we have met over the 21 years of operation as a sailing program in these waters.
Weigh in please!
Richard Lathrop
(860) 912-5393 [email protected]
Sea-Legs Foundation

Photos of the Week

NOTE FROM OUR EDITOR: Do you have a beautiful or fun photo of your harbor, what you’ve been doing for social distancing, or a project you’re working on? Send it to us!