Sea-Level Rise: How Bad Will It Get, How Are Maine Communities Preparing & What Can Individuals Do?

By Cindy Han.

Sea-level rise due to global warming along the coast of Maine is increasing at a rapid pace, with some estimates predicting levels to rise by as much as two feet by 2050. We’ll discuss what is causing the waters to rise more quickly, how it will impact coastal communities and structures, and what towns and individuals can do to prepare. We’ll also find out how historic buildings can be protected from rising waters.


Susie Arnold, marine scientist, Island Institute

Gayle Bowness, science education program manager, Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Hannah Pingree (call-in), director, Maine Office of Policy Innovation and Future; co-chair, Maine Climate Coucil

Peter Slovinsky (call-in), coastal geologist, Maine Geological Survey, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry

Julie Larry (call-in), director of advocacy, Greater Portland Landmarks

Matt Lutkus (call-in), town manager, Town of Damariscotta

Tora Johnson (call-in), chair, Division of Environmental & Biological Sciences, University of Maine, Machias; director and associate professor, GIS Lab & Service Center

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