The Best Oil for Your Outboard? Ask a Professional Angler

Professional tournament anglers demand more out of their gear and equipment than anybody — after all, their livelihoods depend on it.  Some of the best professional bass anglers in the business, including Dean Rojas, a perennial favorite on the Bassmaster Elite and Major League Fishing circuits with more than $2.7 million in career winning, rely on Suzuki outboards—and ECSTAR Marine Engine Oil–to power them to victory.  That’s how Rojas captured First Place and a $100,000 winner’s check at the 2019 Bass Pro Tour event at Smith Lake, Alabama.

Pro anglers are on the water day in and day out, battling with the best from around the world in their quest for victory. Any engine failure means an expensive loss. Top bass pros who trust the protection of their outboards to ECSTAR include Adrian Avena, Clifford Pirch, Brandon Card, Gerald Spohrer and Chad Pipken.  Each and every one of them is a powerful testament to the performance and protection provided by ECSTAR motor oil.

What Makes ECSTAR Different? 

Suzuki developed this high-performance lubricant to keep Suzuki outboards running long, running clean and running strong season after season.

ECSTAR uses an exceptionally high-quality, low sulfur content base oil that reduces ash buildup for increased durability.  The high viscosity index in this base oil is also a major contributor to maximizing fuel efficiency. When combined with select high-quality additives that inhibit engine corrosion, this product is the best-performing marine oil Suzuki has ever offered. By using ECSTAR, Suzuki owners can be confident that their engine oil will stand up to the harshest conditions in any salt or freshwater environment.

ECSTAR is offered in a 10W40 formulation to meet the needs of all Suzuki outboard owners, and is available in quart or gallon bottles.  Whether they use their boats in lakes, rivers, bays or the open ocean, Suzuki owners can trust ECSTAR oil to deliver the performance, fuel efficiency and long-term reliability that the most serious boaters demand.

* Suzuki ECSTAR Marine Engine Oil meets or exceeds NMMA FC-W standards. For more information on ECSTAR Marine Engine Oil, or the full line of ECSTAR oils and chemicals for use with Suzuki-powered boats, please visit or call (714) 996-7040.