2021 Dungeness Crab Season a Mixed Pot

By Brian Bull.

Oregon’s commercial Dungeness Crab season is a little topsy-turvy, so far.

The good news is, the market price for crab is up since a deal was reached nearly two weeks ago. Processors then agreed to $2.75 a pound. But Taunette Dixon of the Newport Fisherman’s Wives group – who owns a crabbing vessel herself – said that’s improved for some since.

“We delivered to a local plant here and received $2.75 on the 16th,” Dixon told KLCC.   “I called a friend who was a live crab buyer, and their price is $4 per pound right now.”

The downside, is that there are fewer Dungeness Crab this season.  They are in great health and full of meat, adds Dixon.  This has also caused larger crabbing vessels to look towards other seafood markets.

“Some of the big guys have pulled out, so that helps the little guys have a little more area to put their pots.”

Dixon added it’s been tough between the crabbing delay, COVID-19, and the pandemic recession, so she encourages Oregonians to stock up on Dungeness Crab to support fishermen.

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