NSF Funding Opportunity for Multi-disciplinary Research

The NSF is offering a Convergence Accelerator – Networked Blue Economy funding opportunity that could be a good fit for aquaculture proposals. They are looking for multi-disciplinary research work, included but not limited to the following examples:

  • Oceanographers, veterinarians, modelers, HABs researchers and remote sensing experts teaming up to advance ocean epidemiological and threat forecasting models
  • Economists, marine mammal experts and engineers teaming up to develop aquaculture structures that are cost-effective and do not pose entanglement risks
  • Spatial planners, modelers, economists, biologists and engineers teaming up to model trade-offs and techno-economic feasibility for offshore aquaculture

Key Dates:

May 5, 2021 – Letter of intent due
A letter of intent is required to apply. It is used to assess requirements for NSF proposal review. No feedback will be provided to the submitters and letters of intent are non-binding.

June 14, 2021 – Full proposals due
Please note: if a letter of intent has not been submitted, the submitter will not be able to submit a formal proposal.

Funding Opportunities:

Academic Submitters: Submit to the Traditional NSF Solicitation at http://bit.ly/CA_GrantSolicitation_NSF-21-572

For-profit/Non-profit Submitters: Submit to the Broad Agency Announcement at https://bit.ly/CA_BAA_Solicitation2021

A submitter can only submit a proposal into one of the funding mechanisms. All requirements are the same, except for who is leading the proposal.

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