Fishing 101: Navigating The World Of Fishing Hooks

By Adam Young of

Navigating The World Of Fishing Hooks – Which Ones To Use & When?

Take a look in your local bait and tackle shop and you’re likely to see an entire section dedicated to different types of fishing hooks. Hundreds of varieties exist today for every specialized type of fishing and fish species. It can be a bit overwhelming!

So how do you know which style of fishing hook to use and when? Well first you’ll want to understand the basic terminology associated with fishing hooks. Terms like the point, barb, bend and gap. Manufacturers use these terms to describe fishing hooks.
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Next, you’ll want to get familiar with the most common types of fishing hooks used today. Most anglers are familiar with the standard J-hook, but there are a few others that are important such as circle hooks, treble hooks and wide gap hooks.

There are dozens of different hook varieties, but in reality, there are 6 basic hooks that will work in 90% of all fishing scenarios. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

Lastly, you’ll want to be sure you understand hook sizes – This is the most important step. Choosing the correct size hook can make the difference between fish in the cooler or going home empty handed.

Too big of a hook, and you may not get any bites. Too small, and the hook may pull out or bend. For the full article, including specific hook descriptions and style recommendations visit: