Coastal Communities Meet to Discuss Rising Water Levels. Join Us!

US Harbors is hosting an online conference with internationally renowned experts speaking on key aspects of rising coastal water levels. The purpose of the event is to help communities understand what is happening–and predicted to happen–with rising water-levels and learn about how to track, and plan for, these conditions.

EVENT DATE/TIME: November 17, 2021, from 1-4pm EST
LOCATION: Online, registration required, no cost. 


  • Senator Angus King Since 2013, Senator King has served as Maine’s first Independent United States Senator. He’s strong believer in the need for greater bipartisan dialogue and relationship building, and was previously Maine’s 72nd Governor.
  • John Englander, renowned author (High Tide on Main Street, and Moving to Higher Ground), oceanographer, international speaker, and expert on climate change and sea level rise.
  • Renee Collini leads Place: SLR, a multi-state network of stakeholders, researchers, NGOs, and state and federal agencies to build tools and programs to address gaps in sea-level rise observing, research, and decision-making in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Collini is an author on the Fifth National Climate Assessment’s Coastal Effects Chapter.
  • David Wolcott, oceanographer with NOAA, specializing in tide and coastal water level monitoring technologies and predictions.
  • Breakout Session #1: Models for Community Engagement with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and NYC’s Waterfront Alliance
  • Breakout Session #1: New Solutions for Affordable Hyper-Local Tide & Sea-Level Monitoring with Hohonu and Divirod.