Major Winter Snow Storm With Blizzard Conditions Possible Saturday

By Terry Eliasen.

At this point all options are on the table for our Saturday storm. However, with each passing hour and computer model run, the likelihood of a major winter storm continues to grow. Let me emphasize that this is NOT A LOCK just yet. We are still in the forecasting window (about 3 days out) when we are analyzing trends and looking thousands of miles away for the pieces that will eventually come together to create our storm.

While weather models have come leaps and bounds in recent years, there is still only so much you can confidently predict this far in advance of a storm. Typically, within 72 hours (Wednesday), we have the ability to start honing in and being more descriptive when discussing potential impacts. Within 48 hours (Thursday), it is typically time for snow maps, wind projections and all those classic graphics you see before a New England snowstorm. By Friday, 24 hours out, it is refining details and getting as specific as possible town by town.

So what can we say right now with confidence? This has the potential to easily be our biggest storm of the season.