Alaska Halibut Seaon Opens March 6

Pacific halibut season opens Sunday, March 6 statewide in Alaska, according to a final rule just posted in the Federal Register by NOAA Fisheries. The regulations, adopted at the annual meeting of the International Pacific Halibut Commission in January, go into effect immediately.

Included in this season’s federal regulations are the catch limits established by the IPHC, and basic regulations for the commercial and sport halibut fisheries. Overall, the 2022 catch limits for the combined commercial and charter halibut fisheries in Alaska are higher than in 2021.

This final rule also implements management measures for the charter halibut fisheries in Areas 2C and 3A. These measures are necessary to keep charter harvests to within their respective allocations under a catch sharing plan with the directed commercial fishery.

For commercial and charter halibut fishers in Alaska, the following regulations are in effect: