Boating and Water Safety 101

A few simple safety precautions can make all the difference on the water. In addition to checking the tides and weather you’ll encounter, read our tips below for a quick water safety refresh.

Be sure to choose a Coast Guard certified PFD that fits your body and current water conditions and always check the number of PFDs on your boat before you leave the dock.

A drysuit or wetsuit is recommended when the water temperature is below 60F

  • Always Swim with a Friend

Even the best swimmer can encounter hazards in the water – having a swim buddy isn’t just fun, it’s also safe!

  • Learn CPR

Visit the Red Cross website for a list of CPR classes near you.

  • Avoid Alcohol when Boating or Swimming

In most states, laws regarding boating under the influence are similar to those around driving under the influence.

The US Coast Guard offers detailed guidelines to help you be prepared in the event of an emergency.