Celebrate National Fishing Month

By Nationaltoday.com.

National Fishing Month begins on July 24 and doesn’t end until August 30 each year. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy fishing, a practice that has existed since the dawn of human civilization. If you fish as a pastime or profession, you should know that the last week in July through to August is set aside to appreciate the activity. The great thing about fishing is that people of all ages can participate. Many people go fishing at their local parks and recreation centers this month, learning the ropes from instructors, and snagging the biggest fish they can reel in. Get your fishing gear ready for this long observance period.

For thousands of years, people have relied on fish as a primary source of protein, and the practice of fishing is likely as old as mankind itself. From the 19th century onward, fly fishing grew increasingly popular as a recreational activity around the world and fishing evolved from a necessity to a commodity. Thanks to advancements like the Nottingham reel, fiberglass fishing rods, and synthetic lures, many more people can fish as a vocation or just for fun.

Fishing brings joy and sustenance to individuals of all ages. Many anglers find it to be a calming pastime because it involves a lot of silence and solitude. The idea for National Fishing Month came from fishing lovers and hobbyists who wanted a time when people could get together to learn more about fishing techniques, improve their ability to reel in fish, and have a good time doing it.

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