Orca Sightings Way Up This Year

By Paul Hunter.

Orca sightings have been off the hook this year, all along the southern coast. They normally feed on baby gray whales during their annual migration north to Alaska, starting in late March to early June. They’re also known to swim closer to land to snack on sea lions, giving whale watchers the perfect opportunity to whip out their phones and snap a quick shot.

A whale watcher named Katie Lynn reported a sighting of a large male on the Oregon Coast Whale Watchers page on Facebook, Wednesday, June 8. She said it was 5 miles south of Newport, Oregon.

Several other sightings were reported on Oregon Coast Whale Watchers. There was one spotted by a fisherman on Depoe Bay at 11:05 AM, and 2 orcas were seen heading north near the D River Wayside in Lincoln City.

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