Cleanup of the Gowanus Canal “Inadequate” Says EPA

By Brownstoner

A federal official has said that current and future residents of Gowanus should know that the ongoing cleanup of the Gowanus Canal is “inadequate,” and will remain that way until the city finishes construction on two behind-schedule sewage retention tanks.

“[We should be] getting the message out to people to know that everyone knows that until the tanks are built, even before the development happens from the rezoning, the cleanup is inadequate,” said Brian Carr, a lawyer with the federal Environmental Protection Agency, at a meeting of the Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group last week. “Everyone should know that.”

The federal scrub of the canal officially started in 2020, more than a decade after the body was dubbed a Superfund site, when the Environmental Protection Agency started dredging 10 feet of toxic “black mayonnaise” from the bottom of the canal.