Rare Black Gar Caught in Texas

By Captain Experiences

Angler Surprise: Rare Black Alligator Gar Caught in Texas

During another successful day of fly fishing for redfish, Captain Justin and angler Terrel Maguire happened upon an actual fish of a lifetime. Justin will tell you that seeing gator gar in the Texas coastal marsh is “very common,” even big ones. So it was no surprise to see another one waiting for a meal near the surface on this day.

A Fly Designed for Redfish

Terrel and Justin had been having good luck catching reds on a Spork (crab fly made by Captain Collin) with an 8-weight fly rod.

Because this fly has caught nearly every other game species in the marsh, they decided to see if this gator gar would be interested, despite knowing it wasn’t intended for gar.

Terrel made an excellent cast from the front of the boat that immediately caught the attention of the gar and triggered a bite.

As the roughly 5-foot-long fish began to fight, they both realized they had a scarce fish on the line.

Alligator gar are typically olive-green or dark green colored, but they saw that this one was solid black as it thrashed and lept out of the water.

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