Recipes For Summer Grilling On Your Pontoon Boat

By Bill Lewandowski

Nothing beats firing up the BBQ grill on your pontoon boat on a hot summer’s day. With all those hungry mouths to feed after an active day on the water, it’s up to you to now feed them! If you already have a pontoon boat grill, then scroll on down to access all the great ideas and recipes you can try out.

Pontoon Grill Ideas & Recipes

Using a grill on board a boat, whether it’s a pontoon or otherwise is no different to cooking in your backyard. However, I believe that there are certain food ideas and recipes that are just that much suited for being on the water, river, or lake.

Why? It’s because the majority of pontoon grills do tend to be smaller than the ones you would BBQ with at home due to the size constraints you have on most boats. Unless you are on a massive party barge or huge yacht, you are going to have probably going to have no more than 300 square inches on which to grill.

1. Simple Meat Kabobs Recipe

One the easiest recipe ideas are meat kabobs. They are quick and simple to prepare, and you won’t end up with too much mess. As long as you have cut the meat into cubes, have kabob steak sticks, and some veggies, then you’re good to go.

For added flavor, take a bottle of your preferred marinade or sauce to lightly drizzle over the kabobs whilst they cook. I advise making a batch of these up, as with hungry people on your pontoon boat, they are bound to come back to the grill for more!


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