Teen Set To Be Youngest To Sail Solo East to West

By Emily Sweeney.

A 16-year-old boy with ties to Massachusetts is sailing across the Atlantic Ocean by himself.

Cal Currier left Marion on June 27 and on Friday reached the Azores, which are nine volcanic islands that are part of Portugal.

“I thought it would take 25 days to get to the Azores,” said Currier, speaking by phone from his sailboat on Friday afternoon. “This is the 18th day. I’m so far ahead of schedule it’s shocking.”

Currier lives in California but spends every summer in Duxbury, where his family owns a cottage, and Marion, where his grandfather lives.

Currier just learned how to sail this year.

“I just started sailing in January. I started sailing with this goal in mind: I’m going to sail across the Atlantic solo.”

Currier began taking sailing lessons at a yacht club in San Francisco, but he kept quiet about his ambitious goal. He didn’t want to tell people about the journey he was planning in case something fell through and it didn’t work out.

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