Nomination Period Is Now Open for the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee


NOAA Fisheries is seeking nominations to fill vacancies on the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee. The Committee advises the Secretary of Commerce on all living marine resource matters that are the responsibility of the Department of Commerce. It researches, evaluates, and provides advice and recommendations to the Secretary and NOAA on agency policies, activities, science, conservation, and regulatory programs critical to the mission and goals of NOAA Fisheries.

Committee members are highly qualified, diverse individuals with experience in:

  • Commercial, recreational, aquaculture, and non-commercial fisheries and businesses
  • Seafood industry, including processing, marketing, restaurants, and related industries
  • Marine, ecosystems, or protected resources management and conservation
  • Human dimensions or social sciences associated with living marine resources and working waterfronts

Members may be from tribes or indigenous groups, environmental organizations, academia, consumer groups, and other living marine resource interest groups. A diverse membership assures the Committee has the expertise needed to consider the breadth of NOAA’s mission and MAFAC’s responsibilities.

Nominees should possess expertise in one of these areas and be able to commit to two in-person annual meetings and year-round subcommittee work. Membership is balanced geographically across all U.S. geographic regions, including the Western Pacific and Caribbean. NOAA also considers the ethnic, racial, and gender diversity and various abilities of the United States population. Individuals serve for a term of 3 years. Members may serve a second consecutive term, if re-appointed.

More background on MAFAC

A MAFAC member may not be a federal employee; a state official, their designee, or an appointed member of a regional fishery management council; a registered federal lobbyist; or agent of a foreign principal. Membership is voluntary and service is without pay, except for reimbursable travel and related expenses. The Committee functions solely as an advisory body complying fully with the Federal Advisory Committee Act.