Avalanches Strike Juneau, Causing Major Vessel Losses at Dock

By Carli Stewart

The Juneau city manager, Katie Koester, said that Thane Road was buried under one to two feet of snow over a mile of road. Though avalanches are common in the area, the city urged people to stay out of the area in fear of the danger it caused. The second avalanche was confirmed on Tuesday above where Behrends Avenue sits. However, the second slide did not impact roadways or buildings, but public officials advised community members to avoid spending time under the slide’s path.

Multiple boats were sunk entirely under the weight of the snow. Harbormaster Matt Creswell said three more boats were saved just in time, according to KT00. No pollution from the vessels has been detected so far.

“In my time in Juneau, this is the worst I’ve seen,” Creswell tells KT00.

“We are expending resources that could be used right now to clear parking lots and docks. We’re expanding those resources for boats that could not have sunk if people would have shoveled them off in time.”

Douglas Harbor was having similar problems with the amount of snow it received. Its docks and harbor staff worked overtime to ensure no more vessels sank.

Meredith Thatcher, Juneau’s public information officer, stated in a release Monday, “Docks and Harbors would like to remind all boat owners to make sure their vessels and structures are cleared of snow and all pumps are operating correctly, their boats are not taking on any water, and all mooring lines are secure.”

United Fishermen of Alaska and many others shared on social media the mess this past storm left in the Southeastern part of the state.

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