Kayak Versus SUP Board: Which One Should I Buy?

By Tom Gaffey.

Paddling is a great hobby to start at any time in life. Not only is paddling on the water an incredible way to connect with nature, but it’s a great workout, and it’s also loads of fun. Once you catch the paddling bug you are bound to start looking for a board or boat of your own. But when you prepare to buy your first paddling vessel, should you get a kayak or a SUP board?

Kayaks and SUP boards both have their benefits and downsides. Kayaks are ideal for long-distance paddling, and cold weather journeys, and tend to be more stable. SUP boards offer a better full-body workout, are ideal for yoga and surf enthusiasts, and are more portable and easier to store. You can also consider buying an inflatable SUP board with a kayak seat attachment to enjoy the best of both worlds.

When it comes to choosing between a SUP board or a kayak there is no obvious winner. Both paddling options are fantastic and versatile, and both have their pros and cons. To get a better grasp of which paddling vessel is ideal for you, there are some factors you need to consider.

Five Factors When Deciding Between A Kayak And SUP Board

1. The Type Of Paddling You Enjoy And Excel At

First, and perhaps most importantly, you need to think about the type of paddling you enjoy and are most comfortable with. Even though kayaking and SUP boarding involve stroking a paddle on the water, the two experiences are vastly different. Some people love the freedom and workout of a SUP board, while others struggle with the balance it requires. If you are more fond of one paddling type, it’s best to stick with your passion, especially when first starting.

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