Florence Fourth of July Fireworks in Doubt

5/1/2019 - Fireworks on the Fourth of July is usually the highly anticipated culmination of a day of celebrating America’s Independence from England 243 years ago. Family picnics and neighborhood barbecues are staples of the holiday and from the beginning of the republic these celebrations featured extensive after dark pyrotechnics. In 1870,… SEE MORE
Hoi An designed by Stephens Waring

The 8 Rules of Spirit-of-Tradition Yacht Design

2/22/2019 - The 8 Rules of Spirit-of-Tradition Yacht Design The key to a successful SOT design (that is short for Spirit of Tradition) is to set your sights on interpreting a specific vernacular, as they say in traditional architecture. And never take your eye off that design ball. Whether it’s a slavish… SEE MORE