Fishing News in South San Francisco, CA

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Are Sea Cucumbers a Cleanup Solution to Fish Farm Pollution?

12/8/2023 by Anastasia Fischer

By Yale School of the Environment. Seafood farm operators are breeding and deploying sea cucumbers to vacuum up the massive amounts of fish waste that pose a major problem for their industry. It is part of an effort to redesign fish farms with multiple species so that they work more like… SEE MORE

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Widening Safety: FISH Wellness Act Helps Fishing Communities

12/6/2023 by Anastasia Fischer

FISH Wellness Act can advance safety training and fishermen’s health programs In fishing families and communities across the country, respect for the ocean is a lesson handed down from one generation to the next. Safety training is becoming part of that tradition. “Fishing communities are close-knit by nature,” said Emily… SEE MORE