Wells, ME Weather Forecast and Current Conditions

DaySkyHigh / LowPrecipWindHumidity
Jul 8
Thunderstorms Early
Close Hourly
79º / 66º60%WSW 7 mph94%
6pmScattered Thunderstorms77º60%SSW 7 mph83%
7pmScattered Thunderstorms76º50%SW 6 mph83%
8pmScattered Thunderstorms71º50%W 9 mph94%
9pmPartly Cloudy71º20%SW 4 mph93%
10pmPartly Cloudy71º20%SW 4 mph93%
11pmPartly Cloudy71º20%WSW 4 mph91%
Jul 9
Partly Cloudy
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81º / 66º20%ESE 8 mph80%
12amPartly Cloudy70º20%WSW 5 mph92%
1amClear70º10%WSW 5 mph92%
2amClear69º10%WSW 4 mph95%
3amClear68º10%WSW 3 mph97%
4amClear67º10%W 3 mph98%
5amMostly Clear67º10%W 2 mph99%
6amPartly Cloudy67º10%WNW 2 mph100%
7amPartly Cloudy69º10%NW 2 mph96%
8amPartly Cloudy72º10%N 2 mph91%
9amPartly Cloudy74º10%NE 3 mph87%
10amPartly Cloudy76º10%E 4 mph81%
11amPartly Cloudy79º10%ESE 5 mph75%
12pmPartly Cloudy80º10%ESE 6 mph72%
1pmPartly Cloudy80º10%ESE 7 mph73%
2pmMostly Sunny79º10%ESE 8 mph73%
3pmMostly Sunny78º10%ESE 8 mph74%
4pmPartly Cloudy76º20%SE 8 mph76%
5pmPartly Cloudy75º10%SE 7 mph79%
6pmMostly Sunny73º10%SE 7 mph81%
7pmPartly Cloudy72º10%SE 5 mph85%
8pmPartly Cloudy70º10%SE 4 mph90%
9pmPartly Cloudy68º20%ESE 3 mph96%
10pmPartly Cloudy68º20%SE 2 mph96%
11pmPartly Cloudy68º10%SE 2 mph96%
Jul 10
Mostly Cloudy
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77º / 67º20%SE 8 mph84%
12amPartly Cloudy68º10%SE 2 mph95%
1amPartly Cloudy68º10%ESE 2 mph97%
2amPartly Cloudy67º10%ESE 2 mph97%
3amPartly Cloudy67º10%SE 1 mph97%
4amPartly Cloudy67º10%ESE 2 mph97%
5amPartly Cloudy66º10%ESE 1 mph97%
6amPartly Cloudy66º10%S 1 mph98%
7amMostly Cloudy68º10%S 2 mph97%
8amMostly Cloudy69º10%S 2 mph94%
9amMostly Cloudy71º10%SSE 4 mph90%
10amMostly Cloudy73º10%SE 4 mph85%
11amMostly Cloudy75º10%SE 6 mph81%
12pmMostly Cloudy76º10%SE 7 mph78%
1pmMostly Cloudy76º20%SE 8 mph77%
2pmMostly Cloudy76º20%SE 8 mph77%
3pmMostly Cloudy75º20%SE 8 mph79%
4pmMostly Cloudy75º20%SE 9 mph79%
Jul 11
Rain/Thunder75º / 67º80%SE 13 mph90%
Jul 12
Isolated Thunderstorms80º / 67º30%SSW 11 mph79%
Jul 13
PM Thunderstorms80º / 65º40%SSW 10 mph76%
Jul 14
Scattered Thunderstorms79º / 65º50%S 9 mph77%
Jul 15
AM Showers80º / 65º30%ESE 8 mph70%
Jul 16
Partly Cloudy81º / 68º10%S 10 mph71%
Jul 17
Partly Cloudy86º / 69º20%SSW 9 mph68%

Weather Radar for Wells, ME See Radar

* Playback displays weather for the past 6 hours.

NOAA Weather Marine Forecast for Wells, ME

Late Afternoon
High : 78ºF
SSW wind around 10 kt. Showers and thunderstorms likely. Some storms could be severe, with damaging winds and heavy rain. Seas 1 ft or less.
Low : 65ºF
Variable winds 5 kt or less. Showers and thunderstorms likely, mainly before 10pm. Some storms could be severe, with damaging winds and heavy rain. Seas 1 ft or less.
High : 80ºF
Variable winds 5 kt or less. Mostly sunny. Seas 1 ft or less.
Thursday Night
Low : 64ºF
Variable winds 5 kt or less. Partly cloudy. Seas 1 ft or less.
High : 75ºF
Variable winds 5 kt or less. Mostly cloudy. Seas 1 ft or less.
Friday Night
Low : 65ºF
Variable winds 5 kt or less. A chance of showers after midnight. Seas 1 ft or less.
High : 72ºF
SE wind around 10 kt. Showers likely, with thunderstorms also possible after 1pm. Seas 1 ft or less.
Saturday Night
Low : 65ºF
Variable winds 5 kt or less. A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Seas 1 ft or less.
High : 79ºF
SSW wind 5 to 10 kt. A chance of showers. Seas 1 ft or less.

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    Wind Speed Forecast for Wells, ME

    Wind Speed (MPH)744248722148

    Current Weather Conditions In Wells, ME

    As Of: 18 minutes ago

    • 77ºF
    • 78ºF
    • 8mph
    • 230º (SW)
    • 0mph
    • Few Clouds
    • 10mi
    • Unl
    • 29.88"
    • 89%
    • 73ºF

    The weather right now in Wells, ME is Scattered Thunderstorms. The current temperature is 77°F, and the expected high and low for today, Wednesday, July 8, 2020, are 79°F high temperature and 66°F low temperature. The wind is currently blowing at 7 miles per hour, and coming from the South Southwest. The wind is gusting to 0 mph. With the wind and the atmosphere the temperature feels like 78°F farenheit. Expected precipitation is 60 percent, with current humidity at 89 percent, and air pressure at 29.88 in. Visibility is 10 nautical miles. There are no current weather alert(s).