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For many boaters and coastal travelers, Kennebunkport is the first of the crown jewels of the Maine coast, joining Portland, Boothbay Harbor, and Camden as a “must-visit” layover. Even before the Bush family put K’Port on Air Force One’s radar, this stunning spot on the Kennebunk River was drawing hordes of travelers every summer. With one of the most picturesque downtowns anywhere on the coast, a variety of beaches within easy striking distance, and a plethora of both land- and sea-based activities, Kennebunkport offers more than enough to keep one occupied for a weekend or even an entire week.

Though to most visitors the community of Kennebunkport seems a complete a whole, in actuality the river divides the town in two, with Kennebunkport itself occupying the land on the north side of the Kennebunk River – including the legendary shopping mecca of Dock Square. The shore to the south actually comprises the “Lower Village” of the town of Kennebunk, with a stretch of stunning homes connecting the lower village to the upper along Summer Street and Port Road.

Bustling in summer, Kennebunkport takes a deep breath during wintertime, though it hardly closes up for good. Many of the restaurants remain open year-round, and the fine B&Bs that call this area home remain open much of the year. Christmas and Valentine’s Day, in fact, have become particularly popular holiday periods for Kennebunkport, so if you’re looking to enjoy this coastal delight during the off-season, you’ll do well to make a few reservations ahead of time.

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