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Emergency Cut-Off Switch Link Requirements and Options


By Whether you choose to use the hardwired switch installed by your manufacturer, or a wireless fob, always use your ECOS. or decades boat manufacturers have equipped boats with an emergency cut-off switch. The emergency cut-off switch lanyard, or ECOS-L, connects the engine ignition system to a life vest… SEE MORE

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Boat Tool Bag Essentials: What Should You Have Inside?


By And more importantly, do you know how to use it? Even the simplest boat with no electrical system has things which can break and ruin your weekend. And a complex boat with refrigeration, air conditioning, and an engine? There are a fair number of things which can go wrong.… SEE MORE

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Four Top Inflatable PFDs Tested


By Randy Vance. Inflatable life jackets are lighter and more comfortable to wear. Learn how four of the top models performed during testing. Inflatable life jackets have crossed over from expensive professional gear to an affordable recreational necessity. With good reason. Not only are they cooler, lighter, and more comfortable… SEE MORE

Cause Determined of 2023 Marlins II Fishing Vessel Fire


By Carli Stewart. On the evening of March 9, 2023, a fire broke out on the fishing vessel Marlins II, docked at the Westport Marina in Westport, Wash. Despite the swift response from the South Beach Regional Fire Authority (SBRFA), the vessel sustained significant damage, estimated at $950,000. Fortunately, no… SEE MORE

NOAA national heat index tool. (Image credit: NOAA)

NOAA Announces National Heat Forecast Tool: HeatRisk


By NOAA.  NOAA is expanding the availability of a new experimental heat tool called HeatRisk ahead of the hot summer months. A collaboration with NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), HeatRisk provides information and guidance for those who are particularly vulnerable to… SEE MORE

Protect Your Catch, Protect Your Crew: A Guide to Commercial Fishing Safety


By Megan Waldrep. A fisherman’s personality generally equates to a sense of adventure, a love of the outdoors, and the drive to create new opportunities for wealth through strategy and well-gained knowledge. Part of that knowledge is having the tools to survive in an emergency. The safety of commercial fishermen… SEE MORE

Understanding Navigation Aids: Buoys and Markers


By Lateral Markers These navigation aids mark the edges of safe water areas: for example, directing traffic within a channel. The markers use a combination of colors and numbers, which may appear on either buoys or permanently placed markers. Red Colors, Red Lights and Even Numbers These mark the… SEE MORE

Massachusetts Shuts Down Many South Coast Shellfish Beds Due to Sewage


By Adam Goldstein. The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries is immediately shutting down thousands of acres of shellfish beds surrounding the New Bedford and Fairhaven wastewater treatment plant outfalls to comply with federal health and safety standards. More than 18,000 acres of the Dartmouth, Fairhaven and New Bedford coastline, including… SEE MORE

Why Daylight Saving Time Messes With Your Brain


By Beth Ann Malow. AS PEOPLE IN THE U.S. prepare to set their clocks ahead one hour on Sunday, March 10, 2024, I find myself bracing for the annual ritual of media stories about the disruptions to daily routines caused by switching from standard time to daylight saving time. About one-third of Americans say they don’t… SEE MORE

Plastics in the Ocean: How They Get There, Their Impacts, and Our Solutions


By Marine debris is a pervasive problem facing our ocean and Great Lakes. Of all the trash that ends up in these important water bodies, plastics are the most common. This week, we’re exploring the problem of plastics in our ocean and the solutions that are making a difference. Globally, we… SEE MORE


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