A Timeline of U.S. Bass Fishing

3/11/2024 - By The history of bass fishing in the United States can be traced back to the early 1800s, when technological advancement was peaking during the industrial revolution. It started with the construction and enhancement of fishing reels, and from there, the sport’s popularity skyrocketed. Wealthy merchants and anglers like… SEE MORE

Bass Fishing 101 – Night Tips and Tactics

8/19/2020 - By John E. Phillips. “I got him!” Mike Carter of Cedar Bluff, Alabama, who guides for bass and crappie at Guntersville and Weiss lakes,  yelled as we did a little bass fishing at night in the summer of 2020. “Get me the net.” I immediately found the net, handed it to him and watched… SEE MORE
Where to Fish in Alabama.

Where To Fish In Alabama

1/17/2020 - Information Provided by Alabama State Public Fishing Lakes - Small, state-owned lakes in Alabama managed for quality bream, bass and catfish fishing. Reservoirs - A list of the large reservoirs in Alabama and a description of management strategies to improve fishing. Rivers and the Mobile Delta - Information about fishing rivers, streams,… SEE MORE