3 Good Reasons to Keep Your Printed Charts Up-to-Date

Printed nautical charts can seem like an anachronism in this digital age, but there are important reasons to still have them on hand:

  1. We all know that electronics can be fickle and, when they decide not to work out on the water a paper chart can be life-saving. It is always good to have a back up, just in case.
  2. Digital screens are limited in the scale of what can be easily seen; a paper chart gives you the bigger view, a sense of the whole journey where it is easier to determine the options for your adventures.
  3. Paper charts, like paper books, are fun to look at. You can also hang them on walls, use them to teach your family about an area, or simply for decoration to remind you of your favorite places.

US Harbors has the most up-to-date NOAA printed charts available for your area on our online store. You can choose from a variety of materials, from waterproof, to traditional, to wall decals.