High Tide, Low Tide, My Tide

No need to consult a tide chart and make adjustments for your local tides: the Sandy Shores custom tide clocks show the High, Low, Incoming and Outgoing tides so planning your next beach picnic, kayaking adventure or fishing trip is easy. These tide clocks are delivered with the clock set to your specific tides with easy instructions for adjusting annually.

Sandy Shores Tide Clock

Sandy Shores Decor tide clocks are a perfect gift for any coastal dweller, boater, surfer, fisherman or beach lover. With free shipping and 5-7 day turnaround (after customer approval) these are great choice for holiday gift giving too. The shop has thrived on Etsy, with 50+ 5-star reviews, where users praise the customer service and craftsmanship. As one customer comments, “the tide clock was beautiful, meaningful, and practical…what more could you ask for in a gift?”

The most popular option allows shoppers to request a NOAA chart image targeting a specific location, waterway, beach or harbor. MaryEllen and Liz, the founders of Sandy Shores Decor, have created tide clocks featuring countless coastlines, from popular vacation spots like Hilton Head Island to hidden gems in Maine’s Calendar Islands. Sandy Shores has even worked with overseas clients in Scotland and Ireland – anywhere with diurnal tides. In addition, they offer tide clocks with MaryEllen’s unique coastal illustrations as well as the opportunity to set your own photo as the background – grandchildren playing on the beach or maybe your four legged friend rolling in the waves!  

About Sandy Shores Decor

Lifelong residents on the Massachusetts coast, Sandy Shores Decor founders MaryEllen Sinatra and Liz Pink Webber, often found themselves planning their days around the question every boater, beachgoer, fisherman, and surfer asks – “What tide is it?” As coastal homeowners, both found the idea of creating a tide clock that could answer that question at a glance appealing.  

Children reared and out of the home, having retired from their first acts – Maryellen owned a catering business, while Liz worked as an office manager, the two became friends through mutual participation in an artisan’s co-op in Scituate, MA. Sharing a creative mindset, the pair found their second act in Sandy Shores Decor, collaborating to create custom tide clocks, placemats, and framed charts, each designed to fit the individual customer’s specifications. MaryEllen designed the tide clock and now collaborates with a wood worker in RI to create the frames and then builds the clock at her workshop in Norwell, MA. Keeping true to Made in New England, Liz works with the customers to tailor each tide clock to their specific wishes, tweaking the image to focus on that “special spot”. Customers are delighted with such a personalized gift.

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