Sea Level Rise Now: An Interview with William Shatner and John Englander

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After a brief break from blogging, I have breaking news to share.  I recently, first hand, became acquainted with William Shatner’s deep interest in sea level rise in a very unusual way…

He asked me to be his guest for Episode 1 of his new TV Show: “William Shatner: I Don’t Understand”

Of course, millions know the actor for his role as Captain James T. Kirk  on the beloved series Star Trek.  He was also all over international news recently when Jeff Bezos sent Shatner briefly into space, making him the oldest-ever astronaut at age 90.

I found Shatner engaging and friendly, and extremely well-informed about both earth history and earth science.  He’s a wonderful conversationalist and host, and posed penetrating questions and challenges.  All in all, one of the very best interviews I have ever done – and simply an amazing guy.