Meteor Showers, Eclipses, Full Moons: All of the Reasons to Look Up in 2022

By Ashley Strickland.

Total lunar eclipses, a multitude of meteor showers and supermoons will light up the sky in 2022.

The new year is sure to be a sky-gazer’s delight with plenty of celestial events on the calendar.
There is always a good chance that the International Space Station is flying overhead. And if you ever want to know what planets are visible in the morning or evening sky, check The Old Farmer’s Almanac’s visible planets guide.
Here are the top sky events of 2022 so you can have your binoculars and telescope ready.

Full moons and supermoons

There are 12 full moons in 2022, and two of them qualify as supermoons.
Definitions of a supermoon can vary, but the term generally denotes a full moon that is brighter and closer to Earth than normal and thus appears larger in the night sky.
Some astronomers say that the phenomenon occurs when the moon is within 90% of perigee — which is its closest approach to Earth in orbit. By that definition, the full moon for June as well as the one in July will be considered supermoon events.
Here is the list of full moons for 2022, according to the Farmers’ Almanac:
  • January 17: Wolf moon
  • February 16: Snow moon